Answers to the most common questions about our Wedding DJ business and services

What types of events are LE’s specialty?

Weddings. We specialize in premium wedding dj services. If there is any type of event we go above and beyond for, it’s wedding receptions. We take great pride in couples trusting us with their reception entertainment. They are counting on us and we will always rise to the occasion.

Does Limitless Entertainment offer additional services, such as lighting and photobooths?

Limitless Entertainment is a wedding dj business, but we started adding on more services as our customer base grew. We also branched out to bring on professionals for all different types of events and rentals. We want to really be limitless in how we serve clients.

Do you help plan out music or wedding activities? Do you help find other vendors?

Yes and yes. We love to get involved with music selection whenever clients need help creating the right type of atmosphere. We have been in this business for over a decade now, we know the professionals you need to make your special day run smoothly.

How do you differentiate between DJ services?

Finding the right company to handle your wedding entertainment can be a challenge. Making the right decision with a company is very important. You don’t want a shy craigslist DJ or a chatty DJ on the mic taking attention from your spectacular day. We want to keep everyone’s focus on you and having fun on the dance floor. Announcements are concise, clear and effective. If a client wants a different style of announcements, we can always accommodate that as well.